Clube Português de Canicultura

Rua Frei Carlos, 7 - 1600-095 Lisboa - Portugal
Tel.: +351 21 799 47 90 - Fax: +351 21 799 47 99

Rua Dr. Alfredo Magalhães, 40 - 4000-061 Porto - Portugal
Tel.: +351 22 205 07 24 - Fax: +351 22 208 70 48



International Dog Shows with the attribution of the CACIB of the FCI

Dog Shows organized by the Clube Português de Canicultura, with the support of the Lisbon Municipality, under the Federation Cynologique Internationale and the Clube Português de Canicultura regulations, open to dogs of every officialy recognized breed and variety, registered in a studbook or appendiz to the studbook (waiting list) recognized by the FCI.

These shows don't have individual boxes for each dog.

It is stricly forbidden to sell animals in the show.

For every case not mentioned in the programme, the CPC Shows Regulation (Regulamento das Exposições Caninas e Concursos de Beleza) applies.