Welcome to Lisbon!

Welcome to Lisbon and to our double CACIB shows, where two important titles will be at stake: LISBOA WINNER and MEDITERRANEAN WINNER as well as the qualification for Crufts 2009 and the qualifying points for Portuguese Champion (CAC-QC).

To judge your dogs and award these important titles we have prepared a list of top international judges from many European countries and are pleased to offer a panel of experts of high quality and great cynologic knowledge.

It is for the CPC a great honour to have been chosen by the Mediterranean Sub-Section of the FCI to host their annual Winner Show for a title that will be officially included in the pedigree of the CACIB winners at this show.

This new Sub-Section of the European Section of the FCI has been organizing the Winner Show since 2005 and this annual event is intended to be as well a meeting-point for all the exhibitors of the countries of Mediterranean culture.

For this special occasion we have chosen the beautiful city of Lisbon where our Portuguese Kennel Club was founded in 1897 and this occasion will also be our 100th Dog Show in our Capital City, a landmark which deserves by itself an important celebration.

We invite you all to visit our sunny country and to participate in this festive occasion with your best dogs, a special occasion to enjoy our traditional hospitality, to taste our great food and special wines and receive, as always, our warm welcome.

Carla Molinari
President of the CPC